Hi, I'm Josef Freudman
Educational micro-course invented by psychologists to develop your awareness.
So it goes.
У вас есть чувство юмора?
Я, толстая жопа подтверждаю наличие
у себя чувства юмора.
Доступ к курсу только для людей с чувством юмора
My assignments will help you:
Understand your goals, talent and find your own business

Build strong relationships
Manage your
Develop necessary skills and incredible career
Find energy and motivation for everyday routine and work on your self development

What is awareness and why the fuck is it needed
Awareness is constantly being in the present. Not for 5 minutes, because you have to decide what to eat. But in general, in life. Scan the present: what is going on around you, what is going on in you. Accept it all and respond appropriately.

When everything is ok in life, it is easy to be aware. But more often than not, there are minor disturbances: the weather sucks, people are not perfect, wi-fi slows down.
At such moments, awareness helps you stay calm (and save your reputation).

You`ll pump 5 types of awareness
Emotional awareness
Want to learn more?Send me your
Behavioral awareness

Cognitive awareness
Social awareness
This is when everything that is tied to people and communication suits you. Not in itself, but because you are great. Working on a relationship. Even when you feel bad and want to kill everyone, you don't forget about the norms of communication with people. You filter the environment. People don't piss you off - you just "know how to cook them"
Cognitive awareness
This is when you keep in order your tools of cognition and communication with the world: sensations, perception, attention, memory, thinking, speech. Thinking is flexible, there is no mess in sensations, memory does not junk. You get bonuses for this: a clear picture of the world is put in your head, work, study, creativity are more productive.

Emotional awareness
This is when you own your emotions, and not emotions own you. You understand how you feel, why and what to do with it. After the negative, you are successfully recovering, and not stuck in a black hole. Your internal accountant intelligently distributes emotional resources: fso, sex in the evening, passion will go there, and at work - stop.
Behavioral awareness
This is when your life is not a chaotic rafting down the river, and the world is not a dark forest with mysterious creatures. You understand what you are doing and why, why you have such habits. You build behavior according to a situation or a goal, and not bach according to a template. You analyze the behavior of other people, and do not play tabloids.
Physical awareness
This is when you control your body and physical sensations, and they do not control you. You know what this body needs, how to deal with its discomforts. And it allows you to work effectively, to live and does not distract you for a while with its stupid physiology.

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